There are numbers of web hosting companies on the Web, all competing for your business, but very few truly put customer service first. There are different reasons why this happens but the most obvious one is too many web sites hosted by that company. When a company is hosting thousands of web sites, then without a doubt your one web site is not important to them. At SKH InfoTech this is not true. We have not forgotten our roots or where we came from. Each and every single account is important to us today as when we started. We will always offer you, our customer the upmost care and service to not only earn your business but more importantly keep your business.

ASP.NET Web Hosting:

SKH INFOTECH provides the best quality services launch your website today with simplified Windows web hosting.
At SKH INFOTECH, we specialize in Microsoft ASP.NET hosting. ASP.NET is a server-side Web application framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. Built around the Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET provides the best possible environment to building and running dynamic applications. We support ASP.NET technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Razor View Engine, Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, WCF Services, and Web Deploy.

Linux Hosting:

SKH INFOTECH provides a selection of hosting plans all of which can be ordered either with Linux or Windows server. If you just want a basic online presence, the small hosting package is the ideal solution. Get quality & affordable linux hosting from SKH INFOTECH India at lowest cost. This is also called as Shared or PHP hosting. Shared Linux hosting works on the combination of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

WordPress Hosting:

SKH INFOTECH's Managed WordPress hosting plans in India are specially customized for the best performance with our new WordPress environment. Our WordPress Toolkit hosting comes with powerful features that enable you to test new plugins, themes and code before pushing it live to your sites. Saving your time and resources when coding can sometimes go wrong.

Email Hosting:

Give your email address a personal or professional touch with your own domain name. Add a personal website or blog and your online identity is complete. If you prefer to have a cheap email hosting services with superior quality then you can easily get it at SKH INFOTECH in best possible manner. We offer packages for email hosting services which consist of IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and webmail access. All the packages are affordable and posses high quality of email hosting services. We also know that every business firm has a different requirement according to their business size. Thus, we take it as a job to realize it and provide it with the domain name of the client.